Natures Menu Dog Superfood

Duck with Plum Superfood Crunch

A natural, raw inspired complete and balanced meal made with meaty freeze dried nuggets of succulent Duck and a gently baked oat and beef liver biscuit, packed with wholesome fruit and veg. Deliciously crunchy and gentle on sensitive tummies.

Individual Pack Size 700g.

Mighty Mixer

A wholesome and natural, complementary baked mixer biscuit. Packed with oats, a generous portion of fruit and vegetables, and with beef liver and salmon oil. An ideal component for home prepared raw meals.

Individual Pack Size 700g.

Rabbit and Cranberry Superfood Crunch

Freeze dried meaty nuggets of flavoursome Rabbit and a gently baked oat and beef liver biscuit make this deliciously crunchy raw inspired meal.A natural, complete and nutritionally balanced food for adult dogs.Individual Pack Size 700g.

Venison with Blueberrys Superfood Crunch

A raw inspired meal made with freeze dried nuggets of ethically sourced wild Venison and a gently baked oat and beef liver biscuit. Packed full of wholesome fruit and veg. Easily digested and deliciously crunchy.

Individual Pack Size 700g.