Pest Control

Big Cheese Humane Mouse Trap


Simple, tip-and-trap mechanism for easy settingValue-added twinpack that's baited ready-to-useLocking bar to ensure that no escape is possibleWelfare-friendly trap that does not harm the mouse .

Big Cheese Rat Trap

Satisfaction Guaranteed - money back consumer guarantee on pack, simple one-touch-to-set trap setting, baited & ready to use, trap clicks open for easy disposal & can be re-used.

Little Nipper Snap Trap

This plastic mouse trap is pre-baited and is extremely safe and easy to set.  Pre-baited with a mixture of peanut oil and molasses, extremely attractive to mice.  The Pre-Baited Snap Trap sets with a simple click.  No need to touch dead mice; simply release by pressing down on the tab - the trap will then be ready for re-use.

Little Nipper Wooden Trap

The unique treadle design of this, original wooden platform mouse trap, makes it once of the most effective traps available. The Little Nipper was first made in 1897, and its distinctive design has remained largely unchanged ever since.  Bait is placed on the treadle, which is raised when the trap is set.  The mouse has to cross the treadle to reach the bait.  The slightest motion is enough to trigger the trap, delivering an astoundingly high catch-rate.

Shaws Repel-All

Shaws Repel-all Is Formulated To Keep Pets Away From Your Furniture Carpets Or Other Places Indoors And Out. The Non-staining Formulation Is Harmless To Most Furnishings And Harmless To Pets. The Smell Is Naturally Very Unpleasant To Animals And They Quickly Learn To Avoid It..

Get Off Animal Repellent Spray

Get off animal repellents offer a harmless yet highly effective means of detering even the most persistant cats and dogs, by releasing a strong, perfumed odour, Get Off confuses their sense of smell, detering the pest from fouling and territoty marking in specific areas of your home and garden. Highly effective for indoor and outdoor use. Prevents territorial marking.

Keep Off Gel

Keep cats and dogs at bay with GET OFF My Garden Crystals. These jelly-like crystals are highly effective in all weather conditions and over a period of weeks will condition the cat or dog to stay away from treated areas. Ideal for use on lawns and borders, and for protecting newly-bedded or delicate plants.They can also be used to keep pets from fouling children's play areas.

Squirrel Repellent

Formulated with natural ingredients which are an irritant & distasteful to squirrels but palatable to wild birds, treats up to 225 square metres.