Pond Products

Barley Straw Extract

Naturally clears ponds of green water algae and blanket weed

  • Bio-friendly formula

  • Harmless to filters and all species of pond fish and plants and water using wildlife

  • Easy to use dosage chamber

  • Treats 4,546 litres (1,000 gallons) - enough for 1 initial does and 3 preventative doses

Anti Ucler

Anti Ulcer treatment is designed to treat fish suffering from bacterial infections. Systematic bacterial infections can have many ways of presenting themselves, ulcers on the fishes body are the most commonly seen symptom. Anti Ulcer is a 2 dose treatment which can help treat Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and Vibra bacteria, which can present as the following symptoms from the fish:

Ulcer sores - Seen on the body of the sick fish

Dropsy - this condition can cause the fish to change appearance as the scales stick out from the body. The fish may also become starved and show a hollow belly.

Pop eye - this distressing condition is when the fishes eyes are swollen and stick out more than normal

Bacterial Gill disease, shown by gasping quick breaths as the fish tries to get enough oxygen