Cage Accessories

Komodo Terrarium Lock

The Komodo Terrarium lock fits any front opening Komodo terrarium to ensure all reptiles and amphibians are secure.

Exo Terra Viv Exotic Lock

Stainless Steel lock and key prevents vivarium access and animal theft. Can be used with all Vivexotic Viva Vivariums with pre-drilled holes in the door glass.

Exo terra Terrarium Lock

Terrarium Lock-

Secure combination lock- Prevents accidental opening

- Child-proof-

Suitable for all Exo Terra Glass Terrariums .

Zoo Med Reptile Ladder

Reptile accessories

Create a multi-dimensional living space

Give more area to climb for reptiles

A soft nylon mesh which fits to the sides for vivarium or terrarium using suction pads

Durable suction cups make it easy to support a single lizard.

Zoo Med Hammock

Ideal for security and basking

A soft nylon mesh which provides a lofty, yet accessible multi-dimensional perch

Create an arboreal resting place

More living space for your animals

Size: large.