Small Animal Food

Copdock Mill Small Animal Mixes

-Fancy Rabbit 1.5kg and 2.5kg

-Guinea Pig Mix 1.5kg and 3kg

-Hamster Mix 1kg


Xtra Vital Degu Food

Originating in Chile, a wild degu lives on tree bark, vegetation and seeds. This gives them a vegetarian, low fat diet, which XtraVital mimics. XV is low in sugar, as there is a tendency for degus to be very sugar sensitive, and develop problems. XV is one of very few degu specific foods available.

Xtra Vital Chipmunk Food

Complete, premium small animal food. Made with best quality ingredients, and supplied in gas-flushed resealable packets for maximum freshness and palatability.Originating in cold Northern latitudes like Siberia, chipmunks are used to a rich diet that enables them to put on enough weight to hibernate . XV chipmunk mimics their natural diet, and contains a lot of seeds and nuts. In addition a small amount of meat is added to replicate the animal protein they would get from eating insects, grubs etc. One bag will last a typical chipmunk 50 days.

Wild Things Hedgehog Food

Wildthings Hedgehog Food 2kg. Blend of dried fruit, crushed nuts & crunchy nuggets. Unappealing to dogs & cats. Provides a variety of texture & taste. Leave out each evening in a quiet area of the garden along with a shallow dish of fresh water. Zero rated. Made in GB.