Spongebob Decorations

Mini Spongebob and Mini Sandy

Perfectly sized for small tanks

Made of non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colors

Mini-Replica, Precision Crafted ornament.

Perfect for Bettas & Goldfish.

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Squidwards Home

Squidwards Home

Decoration for your Aquarium

Collect the entire range

Entirely safe for your aquarium.

All Sold Seperately


Pineapple Home

Brighten up your tank with an attractive Nemo ornament!

Made with aquatic safe resin and colours

Approx size is 6.5".

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The Krusty Crab

The Krusty Diner is where Sponge Bob works making his patties, a great aquarium ornament.

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Aquarium Background

Sponge bob squarepants aquarium background, a favourite for the aquarium

Adds an attractive fun element for your fish tank

Made from non toxic materials.



Gary the Snail

Gary the snail ornament

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