Turtle Accessories

Exo Terra Carbon Cartridge

2 Carbon Cartridges for Repti Clear F250 (PT3610) and F350 (PT3620) Terrarium Filter.

Exo Terra Fine Foam

2 Fine Foams for Repti Clear F350 (PT3620) Terrarium Filter.

Exo Terra Coarse Foam

2 Coarse Foams for Repti Clear F250 (PT3610) Terrarium Filter.

Exo Terra Coarse Turtle Filter

2 Replacement Coarse Foams for use with Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 (PT3630)

- Coarse Foam captures and removes large particulate matter and debris

-Custom fit to prevent bypass

- Pore size allows efficient water flow with less clogging for long-lasting filtration.

Exo Terra Dual Carbon Pads

2 Replacement Carbon Pads for use with Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 (PT3630)

- Effectively removes heavy metals, organic contaminants and pollutants

- Eliminates discolorations to keep water crystal clear

- Does not raise phosphate levels.

Exo Terra Filter Pads

1 Replacement Odor Reducing Pad for use with Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 (PT3630)

- Reduces odors!

- Absorbs and traps phosphate, nitrite and nitrate without removing important trace elements

- For crystal clear water

- Makes aqua-terrarium maintenance easy.

Exo Terra Fine Foam

1 Replacement Fine Foam for use with Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 (PT3630)

- Fine Foam removes small particulate matter and debris

- Custom fit to prevent bypass

- Fine pore size captures smallest particles to improve water clarity.

Exo Terra Turtle Cliff

The Exo Terra Turtle Cliff is a waterfall, basking area and filter in one. Its state-of-the-art filtering system instantly transforms an aquatic terrarium setup into the ideal habitat while providing turtles and other semi-aquatic terrarium animals with the ideal basking or terrestrial area. The hidden filter provides clear, healthy water while the waterfall features creates the necessary water circulation and aeration, and its natural rock texture and colour allows it to integrate easily into any aquatic terrarium setup. 23 x 17 x 19.5cm / 9" x 6.7" x 7.7".

Exo Terra Turtle Filter

The Exo Terra Turtle Filter FX-200 provides an odor reducing filtering system for turtle tanks, paludariums or aquatic terrariums. Comes complete with spray bar system for better aeration and all necessary filtration media. The dual chamber design allows for the greatest flexibility in servicing mechanical, chemical and adsorptive filtration media. Flow rates have been precisely calculated to provide the exact balance needed between mechanical filtration, water circulation and oxygen enrichment, resulting in optimum conditions for successful turtle keeping.

Exo Terra Turtle Bank

The Exo Terra Turtle Bank is a unique floatation basking area for aquatic turtles. Held in place by magnets, the Exo Terra Turtle Bank can be positioned in the corner of the terrarium to maximize swimming area. Auto adjusting to all water levels, the submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. .