Dog Beds

Ancol Self Heating Pet Pad 

Avalible in Sizes Small - Large

Self Heating Pet Pads are a great innovation, these simple, cosy pads, have a clever thermal structure that reflects your pet's heat back towards them. Super soft sheepskin style cover that is easily removed for washing. The pads fit all popular sizes of dog crate or can be used on its own on the floor.

Rosewood Cooling Pad

No more over heating! Perfect for everyday use in the summer months, great for dog shows and for dogs prone to overheating . Perfect for use in pet beds, crates, kennels or for car travel. The chillax pad is activated by weight or pressure. No electricity, water or refrigeration required! The pad will be cooler than the surrounding temperature for up to 3-4 hours of constant use. It will automatically re-charge itself as your pet moves.

Avalible in:



Armitage Pet Blanket

This soft and fleecy blanket in its red stripe colours is perfect for any pet.

Snugglesafe Heat Pad

microwave heatpad How does it work?The SnuggleSafe heatpad contains a gel called Thermapol which is non-toxic and able to sustain warmth when heated in a microwave. Thermapol is able to give off warmth that can last up to 10 hours when placed in cover or under the pet's blanket.Always keep a warm one on the counter for customers to feel. We also have available for retailers, business generating leaflets that are great to help inform customers of such a useful product. These leaflets can be place in all types of bedding/ hutches/ kennels/carriers etc.Each SnuggleSafe heatpad is 8 / 210mm diameter and weighs 0.9kg.